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Is hospice the best choice? Use Hospice at your Side® app to make
hospice eligibility determinations and appropriate referral decisions.

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Use Hospice at your Side® to view admission criteria, locate hospices in your area, and talk to a live clinician 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Hospice at your Side®  mobile app helps you to:

  • Make referral choices based on sound information and expert consultation
  • Provide the best possible care by considering each patient’s individual circumstances and options
  • Locate the hospice best suited to meet the patient’s needs
  • Promote regulatory compliance through access to admission and
    reimbursement criteria
  • Improve patient outcomes by choosing the best level of care
  • Increase efficiencies by getting real time facts and personal support

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Keep informed about the latest hospice news, referral information, and general resources for hospice eligibility and determinations.

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